Patriots reportedly won’t pay huge price to move up for a QB

Bill Belichick

With the 2018 NFL Draft quickly approaching, there’s been a lot of buzz about the New England Patriots possibly moving up to select a quarterback. After all, they have two first-round picks following the trade of Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams.

Though according to this report, it looks highly unlikely the Patriots will make a big move to pay for a future heir apparent to quarterback Tom Brady.

“I would be surprised if the Patriots packaged some of the draft choices, or a high one this year and next, to move up for a quarterback, said Peter King of Sports Illustrated. First: They don’t have the ammo to move up for one of the top ones; the top four will likely be gone in the top 10 picks, and maybe in the top five. Second: Their needs elsewhere are too acute to go all-in for a quarterback this year. So, barring a big surprise, the Patriots won’t mortgage these picks to move up for a passer.”

It would cost the Patriots dearly to catapult into the top five in an attempt to draft one of this year’s top quarterback prospects. Giving up their first round picks (possibly more) would also take away from the team addressing other needs, as King discusses.

Though, the Patriots are never a team to share any inside secrets as to what they are planning. As for studying quarterbacks who could slip down later in the draft, the Patriots are considered the team “most interested” in Heisman Trophy winning Lamar Jackson.

Eventually, the Patriots need to get serious about a solid backup option behind Brady. Most would shudder at the thought of Brian Hoyer having to be called upon should anything happen to Brady.