10 Strangest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Some people watch the annual Super Bowl game for the commercials alone. While there are so many clever and entertaining ads out there, a few along the way have missed the boat. Some are even borderline or beyond disturbing.

Let’s check out 10 such ads.

1. Go-Daddy Kissing Ad with Bar Refaeli and Jesse Heiman. Could this awkward and sloppy make-out scene possibly last any longer?


2. Weird love scene with a bag of Doritos. Okay.

3. Ellen Degeneres Beats’ Music Video. Not one of her better performances.


4. Little girls sing a rendition of Quiet Riot’s “Come on Feel the Noize” to promote the toy company “GoldieBlox.” A song with very grown-up lyrics sang by little girls is pretty tasteless.


5. John Stamos, Dannon Oikos Yogurt, “The Spill” and “Oops I did it Again.” Completely disgusting. Put your pants back on Stamos, there are probably kids watching this.


6. The super-sexy ripped male model for Calvin Klein strutting and flexing for a predominantly male televised event. Works for the women. But probably makes all those beer-guzzling, wings and chili eating guys feel pretty lousy.

7. It’s the Spanish version of the song “We Are Young,” while we see some older folks getting to business and flashing younger people. Not exactly everyone’s cup of tea.

8. This commercial has a dog trained to jump at a guy’s male parts so he’ll cough up his Bud Light.

9. Bug-Assault involving an overweight shirtless man and a female blowup doll playing chess. Not even knowing what product is being advertised here, this is an awful miss-the-point commercial.

10. Unfortunate-looking uni-brow girl rubs Planters Peanuts on herself like perfume and suddenly she’s a dude magnet.

Photo: TheWire.com