10 most desperate NFL quarterback situations

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Not every NFL team is created equal, especially when it comes to the quarterback position. There are franchises such as the New Orleans Saints who are winning when it comes to their quarterback depth.

Then, there are those teams who are truly hurting at the position. Whether it be age, inexperience, or just a poor lineup, the following teams sport the most desperate quarterback situations heading into 2019.

Miami Dolphins

Following the trade of Ryan Tannehill, Miami’s quarterback room was looking very bleak with Jake Rudock listed as the starter. But have no fear, because Fitzmagic is here. The team seemingly thinks veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick makes for a nice bandage over a gaping hole at the quarterback spot. Fitzpatrick played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year when his performances were all over the charts. Aside from Fitzpatrick, there is speculation that the Dolphins could trade for Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Josh Rosen. Needless to say, the Dolphins are up for a bumpy ride in 2019.

Oakland Raiders

On paper, the name Derek Carr looks good. Though, if head coach Jon Gruden was 100 percent happy with Carr, why would he be showing such a major interest in rookie prospect Kyler Murray? Carr and Gruden had their issues last year, and their personalities do not seem to exactly mesh. Aside from the Murray rumblings, Carr’s current backup is Nathan Peterman. Need we say more? When with Buffalo, Peterson completed only 52.3 percent of his passes and threw 12 interceptions compared to three touchdowns. Raiders fans can only hope Carr stays in one piece this fall.

Cincinnati Bengals

Things have been kind of quiet in free agency thus far surrounding the Bengals. As for Dalton, the team is reportedly “very comfortable” with him continuing to start in 2019. Though, Dalton will be returning from a season that forced him to miss five games due to injury in 2018. He also threw some very glaring interceptions — for a total of 11 — in his 11 games played. If the Bengals do not add a quarterback through the draft, Jeff Driskel, who went (1-4) when filling in for Dalton, and Tom Savage serve as roster depth.

New York Giants

The Giants seem content to ride Manning into the ground for what will be his 16th season. And, what did the Giants do to prepare Manning for success in 2019, other than trade away his best wide receiver? How is that for a grand plan? Instead, the Giants threw Manning a life preserver in that of 30-year-old Golden Tate. As for the Giants future need at the quarterback position, the team is talking about bringing in a younger quarterback. Cardinals’ Josh Rosen — also linked to Miami — is a potential trade candidate who the Giants might target as well. Either way, old Eli is it for the moment.

Buffalo Bills

If second-year starter Josh Allen were to miss time in 2019, the Bills would have to lean on Matt Barkely, who has a grand total of seven career starts since 2013. Then there is the 35-year-old Derek Anderson, who is playing on his fourth team since 2006. Aside from Allen’s backup situation, he is not exactly poised for success with a B-List group of celebrities that make up his offense. Wideouts John Brown, Zay Jones, and Cole Beasley hardly make anyone want to run out and reach for Allen as their fantasy football quarterback this fall.

Minnesota Vikings

Some might be surprised to see the Vikings here. But, their royal investment in quarterback Kirk Cousins did not exactly pay out last year. Now, the team is desperate to save some face and prove it did not miss the boat by overpaying for Captain Kirk. Cousins recorded some decent numbers — 30 touchdowns versus 10 interceptions — but finished with an 8-7-1 lukewarm record. Additionally, should Cousins miss time Trevor Siemian is the backup. Gross.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans look to be going for that 1-2 punch at quarterback after trading for Ryan Tannehill. So, now the Titans have two quarterbacks who have a history of being injured. Do two broken quarterbacks combine for one healthy one? Hardly. Mariota has yet to play a full 16-game slate since he was drafted in 2015. He has also averaged a paltry 1.2 passing touchdowns per game in this stretch. When it comes to Tannehill, his 17 passing touchdowns in 11 games played last year don’t exactly light up the sky.

Arizona Cardinals

We touched earlier on the Cardinals potentially trading second-year quarterback Josh Rosen to another team. This would make sense considering the Cardinals seem to be all in on selecting rookie prospect Kyler Murray with the first-overall pick in the upcoming draft. Should they do that, Murray is not going to suddenly take over under center and perform like Drew Brees. First of all, the Cardinals sport one of the worst offensive lines in the league. This will present an uphill battle right out of the gate. Outside of this, the backup beyond whoever is starting come Week 1 is an inexperienced Brett Hundley.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins’ quarterback situation is about as exciting as warmed-up leftover vegetables. Alex Smith, with his leg on the mend, is out of commission for the entire 2019 season. This leaves Colt McCoy — who is also recovering from a broken leg — and the newly traded Case Keenum in charge. McCoy currently sports a 7-20 record. As for Keenum, he is coming off a very poor 2018 campaign with Denver. There he managed only 18 touchdowns while throwing for 15 picks. And, we shudder to think that Washington could potentially turn to Mark Sanchez again.

Denver Broncos

John Elway apparently thinks former Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco makes for a serviceable option. Perhaps he does, if he can stay healthy. Flacco has battled some health issues in his recent seasons and he was last benched in lieu of Lamar Jackson in Baltimore last season. If for some reason Flacco must miss time this year, young Kevin Hogan, who played in Cleveland from 2016-17 and who has only eight games on record, would have to step in. As far as moving up to draft a quarterback (such as Kyler Murray), that does not look to be in Elway’s plans.