Report: 49ers Earn $1.3 Billion in Revenue From Levi’s Stadium

Vincent Frank
Written by Vincent Frank

Before they have even played a single game at Levi’s Stadium, the San Francisco 49ers have pretty much paid for the brand new state-of-the-art stadium with revenues from ticket sales, seat licenses and corporate partnerships. 

According to the San Jose Mercury News, about half the revenue has come from ticket sales. 

The seat licenses and season ticket packages for the Niners’ new 68,500-seat home have generated about half of the $1.3 billion in revenue so far from the stadium, roughly what it cost, and the news comes just seven weeks before the first preseason game.

The 49ers’ brand is pretty strong right about now. They have sold out every single ticket for the inaugural season in Santa Clara and had to offer 1,500 standing-room only tickets to pacify a fan base that is as strong as ever after three consecutive years of tremendous success.

It doesn’t hurt that San Francisco is moving from what was one of the worst stadiums in professional sports to this gem in Santa Clara.

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It’s also important to note that a some important events will take place at Levi’s Stadium over the next few years, which will add revenue to the franchise. In addition to Super Bowl 50, the Pac-12 Championship Game and WrestleMania 31 will be held at the new stadium.

Like other franchises who have built new stadiums, some die-hard fans have been impacted by the price of admission to 49ers game at Levi’s.

Overall, about 70 percent of Candlestick Park season ticket holders bought seats in Santa Clara, down from the typical renewal rate of about 95 percent at Candlestick. The team made up the difference by attracting plenty of new fans, including Jeremy Spencer, who will be driving 14 hours to Levi’s for each home game from Idaho.

The hike in ticket prices is a necessity, because San Francisco needs to recoup the money it spent on this stadium. That doesn’t make it easier for fans who have been cheering on the red and gold for decades.

With that said, it’s a stunning representation of the 49ers’ brand that they have brought in $1.3 billion in revenue before even stepping on to the field at Levi’s as a team. Their first game will take place in about six weeks when the Denver Broncos travel to Santa Clara for the second game of the preseason schedule.


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