Wife of Alex Smith issues heartfelt thanks after QB released from hospital

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith was finally released from the hospital a month after suffering one of the worst broken legs in NFL history.

After the quarterback finally made it home, his wife issued a heartfelt message of thanks on Instagram, which featured a picture of Smith holding a Washington coffee mug, giving a thumbs up signal while flashing an incredible smile.


Smith suffered both a compound fracture and spiral fracture in Washington’s Week 11 game against Houston on a hard sack.

Complicating matters significantly more, an infection took hold, requiring surgeons to remove the infected tissue, along with a plate that had been inserted to help his bones heal. It’s been reported that Smith needed approximately half a dozen surgeries during this brutal process.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports there is a chance Smith could make a return to the NFL after a lengthy recovery.