What Will City of Phoenix Do With LaMarcus Aldridge Banner?

By David Kenyon

The city of Phoenix recently intensified the recruiting process of prized free agent LaMarcus Aldridge.

Greg Stanton, the city’s mayor, unveiled plans for a 50-plus-foot banner displaying the power forward in a Phoenix Suns uniform.

The franchise attempted to open cap room for Aldridge by dumping the contracts of Marcus Morris, Reggie Bullock and Danny Granger on the Detroit Pistons and essentially receiving nothing in return.

But consequent to Yahoo Sports’ news-breaker Adrian Wojnarowski’s report that Aldridge has chosen the San Antonio Spurs, the city won’t need the massive banner any longer.

So what does Phoenix plan to do with it? Stanton offered a humorous answer to the question:

Well played, Mayor Stanton. Sorry about your loss.

Photo: USA Today Sports