Weary teammate not amused by Tim Tebow’s late-night photo on team bus

Tim Tebow to the MLB this year? Why not

Tim Tebow is pretty much always in a fantastic mood. He’s pretty much the real-life embodiment of Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation. So it’s not surprising whatsoever that he’s soaking in the joys of late-night road trips as a member of the Columbia Fireflies.

Here’s Tebow smiling like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do as he and his teammates trek through country roads en route to Lakewood in New Jersey.

Clearly, he’s tired, just like everyone else.

But not everyone’s happy about this bit of flash photography.

Now, if we’re being honest this made us chuckle a bit. However, based on the look this guy’s giving the camera, the poor guy trying to sleep on the floor wasn’t amused by the flash at all.

Let the guy sleep, Tebow.

Though, this particular crew might not have many more road trips with Tebow. The Mets are reportedly talking about promoting the former Heisman Trophy winner, though the timing of such a move is not yet decided.