Weak Stomachs Beware: Gavin Floyd’s Elbow Looks, Um, Not Good.

The Atlanta Braves have a history of injury problems with their pitching staff. That streak continued today, as starting pitcher Gavin Floyd left his start against the Washington Nationals due to elbow pain. It’s safe to say his injury isn’t minor.

Here is a picture of Floyd’s elbow in the dugout following his departure from the game:

Did anyone else just up-chuck all over their couch? Gross.

Unfortunately for Floyd, this is the same elbow that he injured last year, which required Tommy John surgery. According to the Braves, Floyd was diagnosed with a fractured elbow and will head to the 15-day DL.

This is a tough break (sorry, just had to) for the Braves. After losing Brandon Beachy (again), and Kris Medlen to injuries during Spring Training, the Braves are going to be searching for arms to get them through the All-Star break. Let’s not forget, last year the Braves lost Johnny Vinters and Eric O’Flaherty to injuries. On the positive side, the Braves’ all-time saves leader, Craig Kimbrel, seems to have moved passed his shoulder soreness from this Spring and is pitching lights out (per the usual).

Kimbrel’s shoulder seems to be fine. That’s just sick nasty.

Photo: tomahawktake.com