Watt brothers looking forward to Christmas Day tilt

By Rachel Wold

New Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker  T.J. Watt will face his older brother J.J. when the Houston Texans host Pittsburgh on Christmas Day.

While this game will be a fun one for fans to watch, T.J. described the upcoming matchup in a more personal way.

“I played with him in the backyard a bunch, I’ve seen him play a bunch, we’ve never been on the same field in full uniforms competitively before,” T.J. said, per Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. “I think that will be really cool and a weird day for me.”

J.J. also acknowledged the Christmas Day brotherly tilt.

The Steelers selected T.J. 30th overall in Thursday’s draft. T.J. also said he has not been able to get back to J.J. because his phone has been “absolutely blowing up” with callers.

Congratulations to T.J. on his new career as a Pittsburgh Steeler.