WATCH: Tom Brady reunited with stolen Super Bowl jerseys

Tom Brady was reunited with his two stolen Super Bowl jerseys on Monday, and the New England Patriots quarterback was obviously thrilled to have them back.

In an impromptu ceremony that was covered by the media, Patriots owner Robert Kraft presented the two recovered jerseys to Brady.

One of them showed clear signs of wear and tear, with an extensive grass stain on one of the shoulders and some paint from the field as well.

As many are likely aware, the FBI had to get involved. The jerseys were tracked and ultimately found all the way down in Mexico. Mauricio Ortega, a news director for a Mexican news publication, is the man who stole them, along with Von Miller’s helmet from Super Bowl 50.

Thankfully Brady has his jerseys back. Though both are no doubt precious to him, in particular the one he wore this past February is significant to him, as he was able to play in front of his mother, who had been fighting through illness for a year and a half before making the trek to Houston for Super Bowl LI.