WATCH: Tom Brady butchering son’s haircut

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady has to be happy that he can fling the football around the gridiron. Why? Well, because if he had decided on a career as a barber, it probably wouldn’t have worked out.

Here, we see the six-time Super Bowl champion attempt to cut his son’s hair. It apparently didn’t go according to plan.

“What was that?”

We’re with you, young gun. Brady’s form is all off here. He’s going under when he should be going over. The Patriots’ quarterback is also tossing his child’s hair like it’s a lateral to Julian Edelman.

The good news? Brady has the cash to pay for his son to fix what might be a monstrosity of a hair cut. The bad news? We’re sure Brady is going to want an attempt at this again.

Let’s just hope Gisele doesn’t let him touch six year old Vivian’s hair. It’s one thing to butcher your son’s hair. It’s another thing to do that to your daughter.