WATCH: Titans offensive line shotguns beers out of catfish at Predators game

Taylor Lewan Marcus Mariota Titans
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans offensive line knows how to enjoy itself. We saw this during the Stanley Cup Playoffs a season ago, when the big men were hyping the crowd at a Nashville Predators game. The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs is bringing more of the same.

There’s so much about this picture to love.

We love the way that Taylor Lewan is holding the traditional catfish. Of course, we love how the other linemen are pouring beer down the fish’s throat. A shirtless Quinton Spain is a nice touch, as is all of the chugging and shotgunning going on. Finally, we have Lewan flipping the Winnipeg Jets off.

If you happen to be in Nashville and see this group out at a bar, tagging along may not be the worst idea. These guys are definitely not afraid to have fun.