Tee Higgins best catches: Insane, diving sideline catch on one foot

© Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson Tigers wide receiver Tee Higgins has made plenty of incredible plays in his collegiate career. During the ACC Championship Game, Higgins made the greatest catch in his career with an unthinkable sideline grab.

After quarterback Trevor Lawrence got pressured, he unleashed a throw into the sideline that was seemingly uncatchable. Somehow, Higgins kept a foot inbounds and went full extension over the sideline to snag the football for the huge play.

It’s one thing for a receiver to make a nice grab and have the awareness to keep their foot inbounds. Higgins did the unthinkable, balancing nearly his entire body on his toes and reaching several feet over the sideline to make the catch.

We doubt we’ll see many catches as good as this one in 2020, unless it’s by Higgins or one of his future peers in the NFL.