WATCH: Teddy Bridgewater looks amazing working out without knee brace

Teddy Bridgewater

It’s truly remarkable how far Teddy Bridgewater has come in his recovery since the catastrophic knee injury that occurred before last season.

We recently got to see some brief clips of him working out in the rain without a knee brace. Now a short video has emerged that really shows how far he’s come along.

Though this isn’t the same as if he were playing in a game or even in practice, what we’re seeing is just amazing. Bridgewater’s foot speed is darn good, and he’s moving laterally quite a bit here before releasing the ball in a smooth motion.

The Vikings don’t know if he’ll be able to make a return this season. And to be quite honest a year off might be the best thing for his career long term. But boy, the way Bridgewater has bounced back physically after his knee injury is verging on the miraculous.