WATCH: Alejandro Villanueva scores fat-man TD on tricky fake FG

Steelers LT Alejandro Villanueva could be a holdout from camp.

The Pittsburgh Steelers appeared set to kick a short field goal and head into halftime trailing 10-6 to the Denver Broncos. Then they got tricky.

Instead of kicking the field goal, Pittsburgh faked it. Kicker Chris Boswell handled the ball and tossed it to a wide open Alejandro Villanueva in the end zone.

Hats off to Mike Tomlin here. If this play had failed, Pittsburgh would have essentially given three points away. It takes guts to run a play like that. This one worked like a charm.

That play concluded what was overall a frustrating first half for the Steelers. What looked like a sure touchdown for Xavier Grimble turned into a touchback he fumbled into and out of the end zone (watch here).

But as frustrating as it was, getting into the locker room tied at half has to be a good feeling.