WATCH: Rob Gronkowski ‘steals’ Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey at Red Sox opener

Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady

On the very day Tom Brady got his stolen Super Bowl LI jersey back, Rob Gronkowski stole it away from him again.

Of course, this time it was all in good fun. Brady was at Fenway park to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day. He was escorted into the park by police, so as to ensure his jersey didn’t find its way into foreign hands once again.

Brady threw out the pitch. Everyone was happy. Right after that, Gronk stole the jersey and the show.

This is just tremendous theater.

Brady holding the jersey up for the crowd. Gronk racing in (fully healthy, we might add) to steal it away.

These guys have an amazing sense of humor, and obviously the pro-Boston crowd ate the skit up like a bowl full of New England chowder.