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WATCH: Rob Gronkowski hosting WrestleMania is everything we need right now

Vincent Frank
Rob Gronkowski, WWE
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wrestling’s biggest weekend kicked off in front of an empty arena Saturday as sports fans got their first fix of live sports in some time with WrestleMania 36.

A nation and world on edge during the entire COVID-19 pandemic needed this. A way to focus on something outside of the dire situation we’re dealing with right now.

And of course, former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski hosting the annual event was an absolute mood. It’s the best thing we’ve seen in some time.

What a picture perfect intro from the always hilarious former New England Patriots star. It’s almost like Gronk was made for entertaining the masses.

The shirt is everything, too.

Gronkowski has been spending his retired life making music videos, attempting to dabble a bit in acting and hosting Super Bowl parties.

He really is living the best of lifes. This is obviously the latest example.

Let Gronk save us from boredom as we continue to quarantine through this pandemic. It’s the only way.