WATCH: Reuben Foster with dirty clothesline hit on Deshaun Watson

Reuben Foster is one of the NFL Draft prospects who needs to have a big pro day

The National Championship Game may well be decided on which team makes the least crucial mistakes. The first was made by Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, who leveled Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson with a late hit.

That’s a bad play for multiple reasons.

One, with targeting rules as they are in college football, any hit high could result in an ejection, especially against a quarterback.

Fortunately for Alabama, Foster avoided that.

Still, he was flagged. That set the Tigers up with a first down, instead of a third-and-long. The Clemson drive was eventually stalled on a failed fourth-and-one attempt. Still, field position will likely be an important factor in this game. Spotting your opponent 15 yards is never smart.