WATCH: Real-life Happy Gilmore has Topgolf employee beg him to stop hitting balls over the net

Santeri Viinamäki / Wiki Commons

Jeremy Nowak can absolutely crush a golf ball. The world-ranked long drive competitor was at Topgolf recently and hit the ball over the net so many times he had to be asked by an employee to keep the balls inside the facilities.

The scene was pretty funny, as the Topgolf employee even had a smile on his face telling Nowak to stop crushing it so far.

Funny stuff all around. But perhaps the best thing about the entire sequence is the extreme power generated by Nowak’s “Happy Gilmore” swing.

It’s a swing he’s perfected through much practice.


In case you forgot, or have never seen Adam Sandler’s comedic gem, “Happy Gilmore,” here’s a look at the original.

So, who did it better?