WATCH: Raiders Marquette King punts football in ‘Power Rangers’ gear

Mark J. Rebilas, USA Today Sports

“It’s Morphin Time!”

Well, at least that’s what the always entertaining Marquette Kings of the Oakland Raiders is telling himself this offseason.

Yes, for some reason, the Pro Bowl-caliber punter decided to post a video of him punting a football Power Rangers gear. Green Ranger gear to be exact.

It was apparently King’s way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Friday It is also not the first time that the highly-entertaining punter has donned a get-up from his favorite childhood show.

King in Green Ranger gear definitely isn’t a bad thing. Though, we surely enjoy King hitting 30-foot shots with his football kicking leg more.

Maybe he can do it in Power Rangers gear next time. That would be all sorts of awesome.