WATCH: Peyton Manning congratulates Drew Brees in hilarious video

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning’s all-time NFL record for passing yards on Monday. After his record was broken, the Denver Broncos released a video with Manning’s hilarious ‘congratulations’ for Brees.

In the video, Manning can be seen cutting tomatoes when he is told Brees just broke his all-time passing yardage record.

The future Hall of Famer remarks that he still has the all-time touchdown record, then is informed Brees is on pace to break that record as well. Manning proceeds to ‘congratulate’ Brees for ruining the greatest days of his life, holding the NFL record for 1,000 days.

Manning proceeds to share he is now left with nothing to look forward to but making a salad for his family. To save time, he also congratulates Brees for passing the all-time touchdown record at a future point.

Of course, Manning is just having fun. He later truly congratulates Brees for all of his historic accomplishments and shows a picture of the two together from when Brees was in college and Manning was in his third NFL season.