WATCH: Patriots think Jared Goff will poop his pants in SB LIII

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are hoping to put the game in Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff’s hands once Super Bowl LIII kicks off in Atlanta Sunday evening.

Publicly, the Patriots have concluded that Goff is going to be a tough adversary. Privately, at least one unnamed Patriots defender thinks that Goff soils his pants in the biggest game of his life.

No matter who you are rooting for, that’s not really a sight any of us wants to see inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

A grown man going No. 2 in front of billions watching the game on television and tens of thousands inside the stadium. Come on, don’t wish that on your biggest enemy. He has a family. He has friends.

Unfortunately for Goff and his Rams, it sure looks like Super Bowl LIII will be a home game for New England. Let’s just hope he falls short of running muck on the field. Pun very much intended.