WATCH: Odell Beckham Jr. takes cheap shot on Josh Norman

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Josh Norman got into Odell Beckham Jr.’s head early on Sunday when the Carolina Panthers took on the New York Giants. By the time the third quarter came around, Beckham Jr. had completely lost his mind.

After more than a few spats that included some hand fighting, Beckham Jr. did something that should have gotten him ejected from the game. Here he is taking a direct cheap shot to Norman’s head on a helmet-to-helmet blow.

There is no other way to describe this play than to call it unadulterated intent to injure.

No doubt Beckham Jr. will receive a hefty fine for his action, which was flagged, and he should honestly be suspended for what he did.

To be fair, he was having a miserable game with just three catches for 14 yards and no touchdowns, the Panthers were embarrassing the Giants 35-14 and he did drop a sure-fire touchdown early. But there is no place in the game for dirty plays such as the one shown above.