WATCH: Nick Saban helps create $200,000 Mercedes-Benz ultimate tailgate van

Tailgating at football games is a contest in its own right, and Alabama coach Nick Saban can help you win that battle.

Dawn Kent Azok of revealed Saban collaborated with the Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham dealership and specialty vehicle manufacturer McSweeney designs to create a custom van.

And wow, is that van—which is one of 15 limited-edition creations for the 2015 season—an absolutely stunning piece of work. Check out this dramatically over-the-top video.

Per Kent Azok, Saban shared he did not design the van but “wanted to make sure it set a benchmark of excellence.” Saban said:

“There’s a standard that we want to do things to. After looking at what they produced, I’m extremely pleased and proud and happy.”

Saban’s son, Nicholas, said that the coach reviewed color palettes, materials and features as well as providing his signature that is stitched into each headrest.

Jeffrey Hunter from Sweeney Designs said no expense was spared, and he’s not kidding. The van includes a 48-inch television, a pair of 40-inch screens, surround sound, a DirectTV satellite system and LED accent lighting.

No matter what happens inside the stadium, if someone has this $200,000 party in the parking lot—thanks in part to Saban—he or she has already won the day.