WATCH: NCAA Tournament dunk montage is incredible

Texas A&M guard Admon Gilder during the NCAA Tournament

Some of the best plays that shaped March Madness had nothing to do with players flying through the air en route to a slam dunk. But there were a ton of incredible dunks during the NCAA Tournament, and now they’re all in one place, for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s a montage of the best dunks from the 2018 NCAA Tournament, presented by the official March Madness Twitter account. It’s two-plus minutes of athletic fury most of us could never dream of duplicating.

Just awesome.

Though, there’s a bit of a letdown now, because the realization that the next NCAA Tournament is 11 months away is sinking in. Suddenly, I feel like curling up on the couch with a blanket and a tub of cookie dough ice cream. Someone wake me when it’s March again.