WATCH: Mike Leach decidedly not in favor of allowing college athletes to get paid

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To nobody’s surprise, Washington State head football coach Mike Leach has a strong opinion about California’s “Fair Pay to Play Act,” which paves the way for collegiate athletes to receive financial compensation.

Here’s a hint: He shares the overall sentiment of Tim Tebow, who absolutely hates the idea.

Leach shared his thoughts on the matter in a press conference Monday, which was highlighted with a quip about how “California has trouble keeping their streets clean right now, so my thought is they probably ought to focus on that.”

Among the other things Leach said, he seemed very concerned that California colleges would have an unfair recruiting advantage if they can offer student-athletes a chance to make money while they attend.

It’s not that surprising that a head coach of a non-Californian university would take such a stance.