WATCH: Mike Francesa rants, thought Gurley/ref jersey exchange was real

The controversial ending to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game has brought out the critics. WFAN’s Mike Francesa is one of them. The Sports Pope is so mad, in fact, that he was duped by a pretty obvious fake.

Following the game, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley posted a picture of himself swapping jerseys with a referee. That set Francesa off.

First off, not to get all technical here, but the supposed “jersey exhange” would have happened after the game. Gurley needed his uniform for the game itself. Though, to be fair, we wouldn’t blame Francesa for thinking that Gurley was not in uniform.

Second and most important, this was an obvious photoshop job. It would be one thing if Francesa was ranting about this in the hours immediately after the game. But nearly a full day later? Francesa or someone working with him should have noticed this hours before he ever went on air.