WATCH: Lonzo Ball utterly fails attempting vicious dunk

Lonzo Ball was trying to make a big statement in front of The King Sunday night in Los Angeles, but alas, he failed. And boy, did he fail miserably.

Ball had a lane on a fast break and went up for a dunk, attempting to throw it down with style and authority like we’ve seen so many times from LeBron James. Only, instead of bringing the fans to their feet he had some of them weak with laughter after he failed to convert. Then, chasing down his own miss he ended up crashing into some folks in the stands.

It was not his best sequence.


Making matters worse, a bit earlier James absolutely took Lonzo to school on a baseline move to the rack.

And then again on a nutmeg pass right through Lonzo’s legs.

Clearly, the young Baller has a long way to go before he can call himself NBA royalty.