WATCH: Julio Jones uses hit stick to break up interception

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If the Atlanta Falcons ever need a replacement at safety, it appears All-Pro wide receiver Julio Jones wants the job. Jones delivered a crushing hit on Dallas Cowboys safety Jeff Heath to break up an interception and light up the home crowd.

The big hit came in the second quarter with Matt Ryan trying to make the deep ball happen. Instead, he overthrew Jones and the ball landed right into Heath’s waiting arms for an interception. That was until Jones pulled out his best Ed Reed impression to take it all away.

Atlanta’s secondary has taken a lot of hits this year with multiple starters missing time with injuries. Jones is a rare athlete with great instincts, speed and he just showed the ability to unleash the hit stick and break up a pass. Perhaps if the Falcons grow desperate enough, we can see Jones become a two-way star.