WATCH: Jonathan Lucroy carted off after vicious collision with Jake Marisnick

By Jesse Reed
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, there was a terrible collision at home plate involving Jake Marisnick and Jonathan Lucroy. Marisnick was charging toward home with a head of steam when he plowed into Lucroy.

MLB has new rules in place to prevent plays such as this one, so it was a shock to see it happen.

According to Daren Willman of MLB’s Research and Development department, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound Marisnick was running 29.2 feet per second when he collided with Lucroy.

A cart came out as it appeared Lucroy was seriously injured. He was able to get up onto his feet, though he did still take the cart off the field.

Marisnick was ruled out on the play after a review. On a related note, Lucroy is one tough dude.