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WATCH: Jon Gruden knew Case Keenum would get his moment to shine

Rachel Wold
Jon Gruden

Minnesota Viking quarterback Case Keenum is his team’s MVP after Sunday’s stunning, last-second 61-yard touchdown pass thrown to Stefon Diggs.

Now that Keenum has established he can win a postseason game, this cool footage between he and Jon Gruden filmed prior to the 2012 NFL Draft has surfaced.

Gruden sits down with Keenum here ahead of the 2012 draft and tells him “to just be ready because you’ll get your chance.”

It is a great exchange between Keenum and Gruden, who basically tells him where he gets drafted does not matter. It was very clear that Gruden believed in Keenum based on his college career.

Keenum was signed by the Texans in 2012. He spent three seasons in Houston and played in only 10 games. He then spent two years with the Rams when he played in 16 contests.

Next, Keenum arrived to the Minnesota Vikings where he got his “chance.”

After a brilliant 11-3 record this season, Keenum earned his first postseason visit. The rest is history, and he and the Vikings will continue their journey in Philadelphia to compete for the NFC title.

We can bet Gruden is giving himself a pat on the back for predicting Keenum’s eventual success.