WATCH: Joe Burrow hilariously runs over ref on big run

By Matt Johnson
© Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow has made it his mission this season to destroy opposing defenses with huge throws and even a few jaw-dropping runs. Now, the senior quarterback is taking down referees.

Burrow took off in the middle of the field after Ole Miss brought pressure from the edge. As he sprinted upfield then cut back to avoid a defender, he ran right into the umpire and sent him tumbling to the ground from the truck stick.

Burrow kept on running and knocking over the one thing standing in his path, the ref, and picked up a few extra yards before being taken down at the 40-yard line. While it might not be the type of moment that will be seen on his Heisman reel, it’s one of the funniest highlights by Burrow this season.