WATCH: Jeff Fisher tells critics to ‘kiss my *ss’

Jeff Fisher was salty after the St. Louis Rams were blasted by the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, losing by a score of 31-7. After the game during his media session, Fisher reacted — poorly — to a question about his team’s effort.

Here is his response.

St. Louis has been abused on the road this year (1-5), denoting a lack of focus and perhaps preparation, which fall under the responsibility of Fisher and his coaching staff. Also, given the way the Rams have tanked the past four games — two of which were blowout losses — it’s not out of line for anyone to ask Fisher about his team’s effort.

Clearly, he’s displeased about the way things have gone lately. And given the way he’s been under the microscope since Teddy Bridgewater’s concussion on a late hit many thought was dirty by Lamarcus Joyner, he might be feeling extra defensive these days. Still, Fisher has no business lashing out like this against the media.

It’s also important to note Fisher’s status as a co-chair on the NFL’s competition committee. He’s supposed to be one of the league’s leaders, and you can bet he’ll hear from the NFL about this response.