WATCH: Jarvis Landry surprised Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ambassador with Super Bowl tickets

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns receiver Jarvis Landry had Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Ambassador Nick Kelly with him on “The Jim Rome Show” Thursday night. Then he stunned his friend with a remarkable gesture of generosity that was captured live on camera.

Landry gifted Kelly and his sister tickets to Super Bowl LIII.

“It’s love, man,” Landry told Kelly. “You’re an inspiration to a lot of people.”

Landry has experienced the heartache of losing someone close to him to cystic fibrosis. His high school girlfriend, Mya Marie Zimmer, passed away at the age of 24 after a protracted battle with the genetic disorder.

“She was one of the women who helped me become the man I am, probably one of the reasons I’m sitting in this chair today,” Landry said. “I made a promise to her back then regardless of what happened between us, I’ll always push for this cause, promote this cause and raise more awareness about it.”

Extremely dedicated to the cause, Landry has been donating to charity throughout his professional career, hoping to help discover a cure.