Fans go bonkers after Jalen Hurts goes full Houdini on miraculous sack evasion

© Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Texas almost had a huge turnover on a would-be sack/strip of Jalen Hurts in the third quarter Saturday, but the Sooners quarterback pulled off a Houdini act instead.

Hurts, who wowed earlier with an ankle-breaking run, was under pressure immediately after the snap, as you’ll see here.

Somehow, he not only avoided the sack but managed to hold onto the ball while holding onto it behind his back as the defender had hands on it. The show of strength here was stunning.

Unfortunately for the Sooners, this pass play came up just short of the first down. And on the next play, Texas stymied the fourth-down attempt to take possession with excellent field position.

Still, fans were in awe of this play.