WATCH: Jahlil Okafor throws punches at heckler

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Jahlil Okafor can’t seem to stay out of the news.

In the past week alone, reports have emerged of a fight on a Boston street, excessive speeding over the Ben Franklin Bridge and allegedly using a fake ID at a Philadelphia tavern.

According to TMZ Sports, however, Okafor was engaged in a second scuffle shortly after that first fight.

TMZ notes “people in Okafor’s crew tried desperately to hold him back and walk him away from the situation” but Okafor powered through and starter throwing punches at a heckler.

What’s (allegedly) worse, though, a witness told TMZ that OkaforĀ is who “hit the guy with a haymaker” that knocked him out.

If the Boston Police Department files charges as the latest report suggests, this already-bad week forĀ Okafor could get much worse.