WATCH: Houston Cougars’ cheerleader takes nasty fall on sideline

© Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

While there are plenty of perks that can come with being a collegiate cheerleader, it also comes with a lot of risks. A cheerleader for the Houston Cougars learned that very painful lesson on Friday in front of a national audience.

When one of ESPN’s sideline reporters frantically moved aside when one of Houston’s players seemed to be sliding towards him. The reporter collided with one of the base cheerleaders, which sent the second cheerleader crashing down to the ground.


It’s one thing for a cheerleader to get run over by a player at full speed along the sideline, but this was even more painful to watch. Houston’s cheerleader remained down on the ground for several moments with her teammates and even the reporter checking on her.

Hopefully, she avoided serious injury and this can just be a painful and memorable moment she can look back on from her time in college.