WATCH: Hit on Darren Sproles leads to fight between Eagles, Redskins

Tensions seem to be running a bit high around the NFL during Sunday’s slate of action. Just a couple hours after a fight broke out between the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos, a melee took hold between two long-time NFC East rivals.

It happened after what was a violent hit on Eagles running back Darren Sproles by Washington special team ace Deshazor Everett.

It goes without saying that this play drew a flag, and ended up leading to a brawl on the field.

The latest update from Philadelphia is that Sproles is being evaluated for a concussion.

Let’s hope the veteran is okay after Everett laid one of the dirtiest hits we’ve seen thus far this season. If not, we can surely expect the reserve corner to be hearing from the league here soon.