Watch: Governor Chris Christie Has Tom Brady’s Back

We all know that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a major Dallas Cowboys’ fan. He is apparently a fan of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady as well. While many mixed opinions lie as to whether Tom Brady has committed the most horrific crime in the world (sarcasm), or that “Deflategate” is the stupidest waste of time ever, Christie appears to support the latter.

Here’s an excerpt from this short video clip where Christie gives his thoughts on the whole scandal during an interview with IJ Review.

I think the media and others love for somebody who’s married to a beautiful model, who’s richer than you can imagine and who’s a future Hall-of-Famer, to take a couple shots at him,” Christie said. “People like that every once in a while. I think it’s way, way overblown.

Overall, the popular politician, who might just make a run for the Presidency, is claiming that because the NFL’s golden boy is involved, everything is getting blown way out of proportion. Brady is an elite quarterback. And yes, he has the riches, the super-model wife and the perfect life. This alone makes him one of the most despised players in the NFL. Now that he’s facing some heat, the haters are having a field day.

Christie already goes against the grid by loving one of the most hated teams in the NFL, so his stance on Brady does not come as much of a surprise.

Photo: USA Today Sports