WATCH: Eric Fisher pours beer on his head after Chiefs touchdown

By Jesse Reed
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bell caught Patrick Mahomes’ fifth touchdown pass of Sunday’s divisional-round game against the Houston Texans. Then Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Fisher dumped beer all over his head.

Bell leaped up into the stands to celebrate with fans after his touchdown gave the Chiefs a 48-31 lead early in the fourth quarter. Then, Fisher came to join the celebration, grabbed a couple of beers from fans in the stands and dumped the contents all over his head.

That sure seemed awesome at the moment, we’re sure. But we’re not sure if Fisher will be as enthusiastic about his decision a half an hour or so later.

The Chiefs do have every reason to celebrate. They opened the game by falling into what appeared to be a bottomless pit as Houston opened up a 24-0 lead early in the second quarter. Since then, however, it’s been all Kansas City, all the time.