WATCH: Eric Berry with unbelievable pick-six on Cam Newton

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry is an amazing person and one of the best secondary defenders in the entire NFL. He showed off his entire repertoire of skills Sunday on the road against the Carolina Panthers on an insane pick-six of Cam Newton.

The read to make the interception was tremendous. He had that ball in his sights from the moment it left Newton’s right hand.

But the return…my goodness.

It was truly something special. Somehow he weaved in and out of traffic, narrowly avoiding would-be tacklers to make it 42 yards to pay dirt. This pick-six put the Chiefs right back into the game after they had been down from the get-go.

Suddenly, Kansas City was just one score behind, 17-14, in what should be a very interesting final quarter in Charlotte, N.C.