WATCH: Equanimeous St. Brown lays out Bobby McCain with dirty hit

Jim Matthews/Green Bay Press-Gazette via USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers receiver Equanimeous St. Brown was flagged for an absolutely viscous and dirty block on Miami Dolphins defensive back Bobby McCain.

At the end of a catch-and-run from Davante Adams, St. Brown leveled McCain with a shot to the head.

This play will be hard to defend.

It is certainly a fine line. St. Brown would have looked really bad if he just stood back and let McCain make a play on Adams. On the other hand, this was a pretty clear shot to the head. The block could have been made in another way.

It ended up being costly. The flag negated not only the catch from Adams, but also a penalty on Miami. Green Bay didn’t convert on the next opportunity.

The good news is that McCain did walk off of the field on his own.