WATCH: Epic Fails on Play Between TCU and SMU

This GIF provided by SB Nation is rather hilarious. It shows multiple fails from both teams en route to one of the most hilarious plays of the young college football season.

Just check it out below. We’ll provide a play-by-play of what actually happened.


First off, the SMU defensive end jumped offside, which pretty much made the rest of the play irrelevant. Then TCU’s center snaps the ball maybe an inch above the turf, making it nearly impossible for quarterback Trevone Boykin to catch it.

Boykin then decides that he wants to throw the ball up in the air in order to avoid a safety that wouldn’t have counted because of the offside call. Unfortunately, Boykin throws the ball right into the the crossbar.

If the SMU player had not jumped offside, this would have almost literally been the most hilarious safety in the history of college football.

Photo: SB Nation