WATCH: Emotional scene as Warriors’ Quinn Cook gifts mother a Range Rover

The Golden State Warriors foot the entire $4 million bill for their championship parade.

Quinn Cook’s path to an NBA contract and a championship wasn’t on the smooth side. An undrafted free agent out of Duke back in 2015, he spent multiple seasons in the NBA’s G-League, switching teams on a seemingly never-ending loop.

Once Cook caught on with the then defending champion Golden State Warriors following Stephen Curry’s injury last season, the writing was on the wall. All that hard work would pay off. It did.

After showing himself well early on, Cook signed a two-year, $1.6 million extension with the team. Not a lot of cash by NBA standards, but much more than the five figures he was making down at the G-League.

Now, after earning his first NBA title, Cook is rewarding his mother for supporting the young man as he was growing up. It’s an amazing scene, one that should bring out the full repertoire of emotions.

Yes, that’s a brand-new Range Rover for the woman that helped Cook get to the pinnacle of the NBA world.

That’s just great stuff right there. Good on Cook for making sure his mother feels the appreciation he knows she deserves.