WATCH: Cubs’ Willson Contreras takes foul ball off the groin

Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras exited Wednesday's game with a hamstring injury.

Playing catcher can be rough enough with all of the hits taken behind home plate. It’s made even worse when a foul ball comes up and hits you right in the groin.

On Wednesday, Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras experienced the ultimate pain. Not long after he came in as a defensive replacement, Chicago’s 26-year-old catcher found himself the victim of a foul ball to the groin.


The angle by which Contreras was hit made it even worse. The ball bounced up off the ground and came up and hit him directly underneath, the worst possible angle to get hit.

Fortunately, Contreras was able to remain in the game. Hopefully he’ll be able to forget about it him a few days when he goes to Washington D.C. for the All-Star Game.