WATCH: Cubs fan takes foul ball from a child

There are bad people in the sports world. Whether it’s those who decide to troll players from inside the stadium or something completely different, we see it pretty much on a never-ending loop.

Though, the worst kinda of baseball fans are the ones who ruin an otherwise beautiful day at the stadium for the next generation of diehards.

This Chicago Cubs supporter is one of them. He legitimately took a foul ball from a child after it landed in the stands. As you can see below, the whole goal of the Cubbies was to provide this young kid with a tremendous souvenir. Instead, the man steals the ball and continues to give handshakes all around.


That’s just ugly. Is this dude proud of himself? Is he going to put that on mantle at home as a way to show everyone what a jerk he is?

The good news? Javier Baez ultimately provided the young fan an autographed ball after realizing what happened. Now, that’s a story worthy of our time.