WATCH: Cowboys honor Tony Romo with video montage

Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Tony Romo poured his heart out in a tear-jerking speech delivered on Tuesday. It was a concession speech of sorts, when he admitted that rookie quarterback Dak Prescott “earned the right” to be the team’s quarterback.

Showing Romo how much he is loved and admired, the Cowboys compiled this video montage of footage featuring Romo.

His well-delivered speech also plays in the background.

The Cowboys’ video┬áis simply titled “Class Act.” That was certainly what Romo was when he took the courage to stand up in front of millions and so eloquently express his support for Prescott and his team moving forward.

At 8-1 on the season, Dallas boasts the best record in the NFL. Barring any injuries to Prescott, his veteran counterpart likely won’t see the field for the team again this season. At that point, the two sides may come to a parting of the ways altogether.

It’s in this that the respect the Cowboys showed for their long-time quarterback should be noted even more.