Watch: Bubba Watson’s ant-hill debate with PGA official will blow your mind

By Jesse Reed

Bubba Watson says things sometimes that cause an involuntary move to scratch one’s head before bursting into teary-eyed laughter.

This was the case on Sunday during the final round of the PGA Championship when his ball landed on top of an ant hill. Watson was seeking relief for his ball and wondered first if it was red ants he was dealing with.

Hilarity ensued as Watson and a PGA Tour official discussed the particulars of thisΒ ant hill.

Among the gems in this conversation was the universally perplexing question of whether or not an ant is a burrowing creature.

Watson is of the belief that ants are “animals,” based on this gut-busting tape. The official had to instruct Watson, telling him ants aren’t classified as “a burrowing animal.”

When faced with this reality, Watson changed his analysis, calling them “tunneling-making” creatures.

Really, this might be the best thing you watch all week, if not all year long.