WATCH: Bills and Jaguars fans literally fired up for Wild Card game

Bills fans boo

We all know Bills Mafia is crazy. But what we didn’t realize is that the crazy apparently rubs off when Bills Mafia travels like it has to Jacksonville for Buffalo’s Wildcard Game against the Jaguars.

Seriously, just check out what’s going on before the game as fans get their tailgate on in a serious way.




This isn’t anything new. We’ve seen Bills fans do this pretty much every game in Buffalo for the past few years. But now Jaguars fans are joining in, slamming each other into tables to light themselves on fire.


Clearly, this particular fan needs a bit more practice. And we’re quite interested to know just how long it was before he realized his pants were on fire.

Being that the Bills haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999 and the Jaguars have been a dumpster fire for a decade before finally winning the AFC South this year, we’ll cut their fans some slack. Hopefully they are still coherent for, you know, the actual game later today.