WATCH: Bengals’ Joe Mixon accidentally takes out ref in post-win celebration

By Matt Johnson
© David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals haven’t had many opportunities to be in the victory formation this season. It showed in the final seconds of Sunday’s win against the Cleveland Browns, when running back Joe Mixon accidentally took out a referee while trying to celebrate.

After Andy Dalton took a knee to close out the game, Mixon took off his helmet and pulled it back to fling it in celebration. Unfortunately for an unsuspecting referee, Mixon’s follow-through took out the ref’s knee and sent him falling backwards to the ground.

It’s fitting for Cincinnati’s season. Even when something went right for the Bengals, in this case a win, the team always found a way to commit a hilarious blunder. Fortunately, Mixon realized what he did right away and tried to help up the ref.

Hopefully, for the sake of NFL referees, the Bengals get more familiar with winning next season so we don’t have more refs taken out.